Cellulites, BE GONE!


Had a very stressful week but i don’t have to end it badly. Just then I realized that I needed to get back in shape. So I went to attend my Zumba class after work. It’s been 3 weeks! Yes, 3 long weeks been dozed up with work that I can no longer find a time for some work out!

So there, this time the class has really been so energetic and fun! The best ever, so far. I really had a great time and so after the class just like the usual, I’m catching my breath and sweats a lot!

Whilst resting, I came to notice that my legs has even gone so much better. I’m pertaining to my cellulites. It just bothers me every time. I never had one before until I got pregnant and after that, it’s just all out.

Why I’m sharing this out despite having had to broadcast my flaws? Whew, Definitely this one ultimate cellulite combatant I discovered gives good effective result. And it does deserve some good recos! Thank you CLARINS HIGH DEFINITION BODY LIFT cellulite control smoothes & firm.


It doesn’t just actually controls but it lessens. But come on guys, pls don’t expect this would give you instant magic. That’s just too impossible. It comes with constant application and when I say constant, it has to be on a daily basis. Not just when you feel like or when you remember. Clarins high definition body lift is best advised to be applied during morning. We likely get to move, walk or exercise all throughout the day. This makes the product more effective and efficient. I used to apply at night though, I just feel so much relief from muscle tensions whenever It touches my skin because of the cooling effect.

However, when I discovered another firming lotion still from CLARINS ( which I’ll be giving a review later ), I chose to use the high definition body lift in the morning as best advised. But moreover now, the result became faster since I started using it before exercising. I feel so happy. It actually has not made my cellulites totally disappeared but really gave so much improvements already, which made my day! 🙂 though this could have improved already back weeks or days ago without me noticing. I wish I had taken a BEFORE and AFTER picture just so to share and spot the difference.

This is my first bottle and definitely won’t be the last. It’s almost near to empty and definitely, I’ll grab another one. But oh, before I forgot anything, apply that by giving your skin an upward massage.

How to apply? Upward stroke from ankle to waist. Personally, whenever I apply this I lie on the bed and bend my knees. I start giving a massage upward stroke from my knees (where most of my cellulites are) down to my buttocks. Or you simply watch this video that will surely be very helpful in observing proper application of this product.

Bout you? Any effective anti cellulite product you ever used that you might want to share? Would love to hear from you..anyone??? 😉


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