My Stress Busters from Earth Therapeutics

Been stress out lately? How you’d start your week is normally a good start off to get yourself kickin’. But I chose to go the other way around and that’s “how should I end my week?” Well, pretty much we all have the life’s stresses contributed by different factors. Me? Lately, it’s my work. But regardless of whatsoever circumstances we get stressed out (I mean come’n we all do), I bet you would be glad as I introduce to you my so called “stress busters” that I came across from Beauty Bar about few weeks ago in Greenbelt 5 when I was scouting for some massage oil.

The word “anti-stress” has caught my attention when I glanced in one of Earth Therapeutics product. And more so made me interested when it was introduced to me by one of their store personnel that they use organic, natural ingredients whenever possible. Pretty much obvious right from the brand name itself, “Earth Therapeutics“.

And so I got interested, I picked the top 3 products I’m curious to try. Here they go:

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Pillow Mist

This aroma therapeutic mist soothes your senses and gives you a very relaxing rest before heading to a good night sleep. The smell is very refreshing. The only downside, it disappears quickly. I tried spraying more times than the normal recommendations, it doesn’t make any difference. Instead, made my pillow a bit moistened ( I didn’t lay on it anymore ). But this one can bring some good relaxation moment when you feel like you needed to relax your mind.


Earth Therapeutics Anti Stress Pillow

Earth Therapeutics Anti Stress Mind Repair Pulse Point Cream

Me and my hubby’s favourite. Would really soothe your tension. No mineral oil and it’s greaseless. It relaxes your mind and promote calmness too. My husband loves this product so much. He loves to ask me to rub some on his forehead and earlobes to get some instant relief even when he’s working at night. The doses of wild peppermint and wintergreen provides the cooling effect and a very relaxing scent that could really make you feel so relax. For wife’s out there, this is one hell of a treat to your busy on-the-go husband. It’s just kinda expensive though for the size. Had it at Php525.00 ($13) for a 45ml size. If you’re gonna mix this on your massage self-treats (your own massage lotions or oils), it’ll be empty in no time. And I sure do know that anyone is going to love this, it’s gonna be another round up of expense. But what you can do is have it rubbed on your back area (including your back neck) at least once a month, mix it with any of your massage lotions or oils. The cooling effect will give you a 100% relief. You’ll realised it’s worth splurging after all. haha.


Earth Therapeutics Anti Stress Mind Repair

Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Massage Lotion

A blend of lavender and chamomile that surely gives total relaxation for body and mind which makes this holistic massage treatment a one good treat to our stressed being. This is specially formulated for deep muscle work to loosen the stresses and tensions. But I feel the pulse point cream still gets my 5 star rating. Though, its aroma therapeutic scent brings in a very at peace feeling. I remembered the first time it was used (for my husband), the soonest that I entered the room, I felt like I was in a spa (literally). I had an instant ease feeling. This one goes same price as the pulse point cream at 148ml. It also goes well with any massage oil.


Earth Therapeutics Anti Stress Massage Lotion

It’s an all good anti-stress discovery. Worth every penny. Having had you to relax and an extra plus because the brand itself provides a stress and worry-free feeling due to its environmental caring & not tested on animals products advocacy. I’m actually having my next purchase, particularly the latter two.

Now, how you deal with your stresses? 🙂


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3 responses to “My Stress Busters from Earth Therapeutics

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  2. Hi, from France – I”m looking for these products in France but i can’t find it – Do you know where i can buy it ? Thanks a lot for your answer and sorry for my english – Bye and happy new year – Mylene

    • Hi Mylene,

      How are you! Apologies, I’ve been very busy lately. Didn’t had the time to get on track but I’m back, not full time though. Which one you’re interested? Were you able find any?

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