My Ecstacy with DiorShow Extase

One of the reasons why I love to shop in Hong Kong especially when it’s about makeup is because of its versatility in retail selling. I found this DiorShow Extase on travel sample size. I love buying travel sample sizes especially if I’m just interested to try it. It’s not much of a lost if the product didn’t serve any satisfaction.

DiorShow Extase

DiorShow Extase

The word “Extase” has dazzled me. So even I’m very much satisfied with my mascara by Benefit, I still purchased it (wink).

Dior claims that for the first time, “a lash care active ingredient has been added to the formula to make the lashes suppler, shinier and visibly more beautiful”. The first time I use and opened it, I’ve noticed the big clump of mascara on the brush.  You really have to take note of being extra careful before you do the application. It’s not a biggie for me. I could just easily glide it back again just to tip off some of it. If you don’t care wasting your mascara (which I don’t support you doing that), you may opt to use a tissue instead and wipe it off.

After the application, my lashes were sublimely thickened and reshaped.

The brush comes with its “exclusive couture design that combines two types of fibers to coat and comb the lashes in a single step for guaranteed excess volume”. I definitely agree on this.

DiorShow Extase Mascara Brush

DiorShow Extase Mascara Brush

This tiered brush application gave me an ample satisfaction in one single application. Now I know why I can relate with the Extase thingy.

One great choice if you go to parties where you just need to spend few hours. But it’s not a good idea for long wearing events. It tends to flake if you wear it all day long. But not too smudgy after all, unlike my Laura Mercier mascara which gave me so much embarrassment while at work.  I just arrived the office when someone asked me if I have gotten enough sleep. I was in dismay when I saw that my entire under eye was really dark. That’s charge to my experience anyway.

Just to share, my hubby gave me a compliment before I actually took a picture of these wearing DiorShow’s Extase Mascara.

One Coat Application

One Coat Application

Two Coats Application

Two Coats Application

Apologies for the blurry image. Always remember, the way you apply your mascara will always dictate your achievable result. And for me, I always go for the natural look. As you can see my lashes were in dense and extended without having had to overdo it.

What’s your preferred mascara look?


tIN gRAY small


2 responses to “My Ecstacy with DiorShow Extase

  1. I also love tracel sizes! Not a big compromise. The mascara looks like doing a great job. They look very nice and feathery.

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