Can’t Get Enough with my Travel Essentials

I must admit, I’m not a smart traveler. Are you? Which brings me to thinking, how much make up and skin care a gal really need when travelling? I envy women who’s able to identify their smart travel essentials. Not only being able to pin point what to bring along that makes me feel to be a daunting task but to actually live with a limited choice being in a “no whereabout” place. I don’t have a fixated mood when in to make up. I tend to always change my mind even up to the last minute. Since we’re just be traveling few hours from the metro, I somehow sort of trying to repress myself not to bring a lot. Here’s a few, and see if it’s worth keeping along. (wink)


My daily and travel kit. Can’t live without

Every time I or we travel, hubby packs up for me. He came to a point where he would never ask “why I have to bring so much make up”  instead, just pack up for me and spare some make up space in the suitcase. 🙂 He just exactly understands there’s no point for any argument. I wish and would keep it as an interminable challenge that one day, I’d woke up and say, “Finally, I have my top 5 travel essentials”. But not that soon, oh yeah! It’s keeps me at peace that I have what I need without having have to urge going to the nearest make up or skincare store.

If there’s one thing I feel I was able to make up with my guilt is somehow I was able to manage being wiser to value travel sizes. If otherwise not available, I go for empty containers and fill in. That way, I get to drag all along without having to sacrifice my luggage space.


My travel sized companions

My travel skincare buddy on the go where I got for free from some purchases. Very ideal & versatile. Definitely, you’re gonna love it ’cause it got lots of pockets to store.


Giorgio Armani Make Up Bag

Giorgio Armani Make Up & Travel Bag

Giorgio Armani Make Up & Travel Bag

This is much of a late post. This trip calls for celebration, our 5 years wedding anniversary. (clap clap)! Due to us both having a very busy schedule, we opted to choose a place where we just need to drive and enjoy stop overs. Yahoo!

And there you go, a breathtaking view and some few resort activities has gotten us to total relaxation and somehow escaped from our nerve-racking jobs and fussy city life. Just to share a few, here are some of the wonderful pictures I took. 🙂





Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool


Relaxation Area

Relaxation Area



Breathtaking Seaview

Breathtaking Sea view


Yours truly with the most wonderful partner

Yours truly with the most wonderful partner

Now, what type of a beauty traveler are you??  (Giggles). Share some of your travel essentials in here.


tIN gRAY small








2 responses to “Can’t Get Enough with my Travel Essentials

    • Yes, indeed. 🙂 Very relaxing. It’s at Vivere Azure, Batangas, Philippines. There’s a lot of good relaxing places in here. 🙂

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