I’m definitely back!

How’s everyone? Anyone missed me? I surely do miss you guys.

Definitely, I owe an explanation. It’s been a year from my last post. What just happened? July of last year, I established a business consultancy firm. Yes, my own, it went unexpectedly fast and drastic. But anyway, that has kept me busy for quite a few months to set things up. Visit http://www.pinnaclesources.com to know our services, that if you are curious. 🙂
It took me a year to be back because I received a major breakthrough this year, I got pregnant. Wohoo! I’m now to almost 5 months. Which, to my pregnant readers out there (if any), I may be sharing some tips as well.
For the past few months before I knew I was pregnant, I have been saving some time to keep new discoveries and products I’ve tried that I am so eager to share already. Just really, I didn’t have the luxury of time to post in here. But now, here I am, I’m back. Though as much as I wanted to be visible most of the time, apparently, my schedule still is erratic. But I’ll never be gone folks! This will always be my love…
So stay tuned as I will be featuring more for you!!!
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