Benefit’s Brow Zing

Every woman’s vanity is to have that perfect brow look. For me, it doesn’t have to be perfect but one fine brow look and shape would work around my satisfaction. I have been struggling in maintaining the shape of my brow, at the same time trying different products to achieve just to have the right brow colour.

Believed it or not, I experienced experimenting my brow by using a powder eye shadow. It worked but in terms of long staying power, it failed me.

My search ended its last stop at Benefit Brow Bar when I discovered their brow arch service. Because I was too happy with the result, I then purchased Brow Zings brow shaping kit. This complete eyebrow kit was introduced to me by their staff.




– Pigmented wax for shaping

– Natural-shaded powder for setting

– Discreet tweezers

– Hard angle brush

– Blending brush

– Mirror

– Complete lesson

This award winning brow kit is just so easy to use. Comes in different shades that would compliment your skin or hair colour. It’s versatile to use. Take note that you do no have to use both the pigmented wax and the powder. Remember, no matter what type of make up products you use, there’s no such thing as rules. Make-up is an art.

The pigment wax may be enough to shape your brow. The intensity of the color may vary depending on you application and preference. Same goes with the powder where at times I prefer to use alone.


How to apply? See and feel like a pro.

1. I use pigmented wax first for shaping. But since I lost my hard angled brush that comes together in the package, I used an alternative angled brush.


Follow the line of your brow for better shaping

Follow the line of your brow for better shaping. When you shape your left brow, just turn the brush the other way around to easily follow the line



 “Left brow with wax. Right brow without wax”



After lining, turn your brush vertically as seen on the image to cover the brow area

After lining, turn your brush vertically as seen on the image to cover the brow area

“I didn’t start from the the tip of my brow. This is to control the coverage  because initially there are excess wax on the brush”



“After blending ’til the end of the brow, you may start blending from the tip”


After wax application look

2. After the wax application, I normally tend to brush off the excess wax so it doesn’t look too heavy.


Brush upward & swiftly


3. Set your brows with powder





Finished look

Noticed that the finished look is much lighter and natural looking compared to us after wax application.

You may also opt to brush off excess powder for more satisfaction!



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