Revisiting my Make-Up stash, when do we say it’s enough?

It’s a long holiday, yeah. More time for fixin’ stuffs. I was stunned to see my make-up stash. And I was like, how every ladies out there do really stock or actually hoard (the way I do) for every make up or skincare we saw in department stores, magazines, launches, advertising, etc. In reality, I know most women felt that they don’t really just have enough even if we say we actually have several pieces of foundations, blush ons, bb creams, lippies, powders with different brands or even shades to choose from. Did I got it right? (wink).

I have this make up dresser with enough drawers for storage. It was supposed to be a storage not only for my make up and skincare selections, of course to save up some clutter in the room. But to my surprise, I just yet to realized how addicted and hooked I was with my vanity. Would you also keep the boxes? Because I do. I started keeping my boxes for the reason that I wanted to remember the price tag. However reasons went beyond and so I continued without knowing that I kept too much already.

Here, see for yourself:


This has brought to a realization. Guilty or not guilty, it actually depends. For some sort, I can say that I already had improved from the moment I was able to let them go. And recently, I do a few tricks before any attempts of purchase:

  • Ask yourself, would you really use it? This is the first step we tend to neglect every time we buy out of impulse
  • Do some research first before splurging. Check out reviews, you may conclude if it’s worth it or not
  • Delay target time of buying. If you really want something, you’d still be buying it later. Otherwise, you’ll find out it’s just an impulse feeling after all.

Remember, beauty products do have have expiration dates. Therefore, you can’t just use all in once just because you feel excited about it. You’ll end up to be just wasting all of it.  There’s nothing wrong having a lot but really better think it over when you just had too many for practically’s sake. But for whatever reasons where we just can’t control, I’ll say if it makes you happy, just go for it girl.

To those who can relate with me, when do we really say it’s enough?




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