Mac’s Eye Vibrancy Primer

Who says face only needs a primer, well, eyes do too. I’ve never really been a fan of eye shadow. But that doesn’t stop me for trying out this eye primer. This Mac Eye Vibrancy Primer does really wonder for my concealer. Concealer is one of my daily must-haves. However, I used to have a dry under eye so I was having trouble with the application.

Mac Vibrancy Eye Primer

Mac Vibrancy Eye Primer

I have tried other eye primers but it just doesn’t work whenever I use it. It tends to dry up so fast even before I could actually apply my concealer. ’Til I discovered Mac’s Eye Primer, it just saves my day.

Mac Eye Vibrancy Primer Box

Mac Eye Vibrancy Primer Box

Mac Eye Vibrancy Primer

Mac Eye Vibrancy Primer

It’s just so smooth and somehow brightens the eye area even before applying my concealer. It makes the application of my concealer a whole lot easier, less crease, more vibrant and last all day.
Mac Eye Primer

Mac Eye Primer

When using your MAC eye primer, just pat a small drop on the eye area. You can let your skin absorb it for a few minutes or rather directly apply your concealer which I usually do. And you’re done.

Overall: Definitely, a must have for an instant eye prep. Highly recommended. I haven’t switched this primer so far just to try out other brands. Totally satisfied with it.

Now, what’s your favourite Eye Primer?

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