About Me

You can call me Tin. 🙂

La Beaute is a French word that means “The Beauty”.

I’m a frustrated make up artist (sigh). Since then I love experimenting and trying different make up’s, skin care products & other services that connects to vanity of women. I’m fond of reading (online, magazines, books) and searching for good tips and practical advises but I get disappointed when I get to read PAID articles. You get all the biased points, unfortunately.

Friends would always seek my advises and would ask me “how’d you know that?”. Since I’m not afraid of trying out new things I get to learn which one is good or not or what works or not. I love to share my discoveries. It’s my passion. And no matter how I’m too particular with my privacy, I’ve decided to bring about “La Beaute District.”

This blog initially started specifically to share reviews and tips regarding make up and skincare based from my personal experiences. Apparently, there’s so much to appreciate and now I’m slowly transforming this blog as my personal space to express the things I love and passionate about.

As much as I love to dispense most of my time in here, I’m engaged full time managing and running my another love, a business consultancy firm I started building a year ago. (www.pinnaclesources.com) and I’m a gonna be a soon-to-be-mom so I really can’t blog most of the time.  So thank you in advance for understanding. 🙂 Please stay tuned.

Here are some ways for you to reach me:

IG Account: tinliblogs
Twitter: @tinliblogs


Hope you’ll enjoy reading!

tIN gRAY small


 All reviews, comments and opinions of the author is from her personal point of view, no influence of any other    third party for that matter. All services or brands highlighted are of by personal choice, purchased personally or gift from friends. If by chance received from any third party, will be declared otherwise.

Feel free to send me any of your suggestions, personal message, or any comments to my email: tinliblogs@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. 😉



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